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Please consider full Linux support in future

Level 7

I have read the following statement in another thread, which is marked "read-only" now unfortunately:

[quote]Sorry, the card was made for Windows.[/quote]

I would like to express my understanding for economical concerns in supporting operating systems which are less common, however, would like to raise my doubts about your past and maybe present assessment regarding Linux.

a) I consider users of one of your soundcards and hardware in general likely to be confronted with Linux in the following 5 years. Due to a probably open nature of these users toward technology, especially in the Gaming segment which has been opened toward Linux lately by the release of Valve's SteamDeck.

b) Statistical numbers show that by betting just on Windows you are betting on a horse massively losing ground and being very likely to lose even more ground in the future. C.f.

I hope that I was able to provide an overview about a significant ongoing technological change. I do personally own older sound cards of your brand and no other brand provides comparable high quality sound card hardware solutions from my perspective. In the past I needed to do a lot of research before being able to obtain hardware. Please recognize market transitions and follow them. As a hardware vendor there is nothing expected to cause difficulties for you doing that. It would help a very growing number of Linux users a lot to purchase the best solution for their purposes.