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Phoebus Speaker not showing

Level 7
Hi, I've had this sound card for around 2 months and a few days ago it started giving me trouble. I have a 5.1 analog speaker set hooked up to the card and it doesn't get recognized by the card. I tested the cables and they are fine. I tried plugging in other speakers to the card and no luck. The biggest problem is that I bought this card through ncix on canada and I live in Chile. I don't know if there is some way I can claim the warranty. For some reason the spdif out connector looks as if there was something plugged in but there is not. I really don't know what else to do. Any advice is welcome.
I reinstalled the software a lot and nothing, changed pci slots (uninstalling in between) and nothing.
I'm running the following setup:

i7 2600
Sabertooth P67
HD 6870
840 Pro 128gb
G Skill 8gb 1600 ram
Antec 750 watts Earthwatts
Windows 7 64bit


Level 7
SPDIF out does not have jack detection so it won't go away even if there's nothing plugged in. Speaker jack detection only work with front-channel jack. Since you have headphone plugged in, unplug the headphone and plug it into the front speaker jack and see if that works.
Also, you'll need the external power connected to the sound card to make speaker jack detection work. You may want to check that.

Level 7
I tried changing the headphone to the front channel and nothing. Also changed the 6pin power connector, but still no result

Level 10
Remove the drivers. Make sure the onboard is disabled in the bios and those drivers are uninstalled also. With the pheobus out, boot into windows and then shut down and reinstall the driver. That should hopefully fix your issues with it. Also can you show how you have the headphone connected? Break out box or straight into the back of the sound card. A picture would be great.

Level 7
Right. After you uninstall the Phoebus driver and reboot, try if the jack detection for speaker work with Windows default driver or not.
I assume jack detection work with headphone jack and microphone jack in your case. Does the jack detection work with line-in jack?
Maybe you can post some pictures showing your connections...

Level 10
Have you tried removing the card and drivers, and running the speakers straight through the motherboards on-board audio?

I'd say thats a good starting step.