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Phoebus latest driver bugs.

Level 10
Wow! I`ve made it!!!
At last i manage to logon this forum.
You need to make a note here that Opera browser users can`t logon this forum!

So,i have to say that Phoebus has outstanding hardware,but very poor software right now.
I`ve found some bugs,and send them to asus support,but there is no feedback.
I don`t know,maybe my mail got to spam?

Audio Card Model Name: ASUS XONAR Phoebus

Audio Driver: ver
Firmvware: 1025
DirectX: DirectX11
GfX: | 2012/1/18
LFX: | 2012/1/18

I`ve installed latest drivers "New Beta Phoebus-3.08(CR)" without any problems.

1.There is a sound bug in "Battlefield Bad company 2" multiplayer.
I dont use Dolby or Xear or DTS.
When I`m in multiplayer game,i can hear my footsteps and my gunshots only from right channel of my headset.
All other ingame sounds(from around the world and allies and enemies etc.) is fine stereo.

The same happends in "Black Mesa Source" singleplayer game if ingame sound configurated as 5.1 or 7.1
It looks like there is a bug in the center channel which represents users actions sound.
The volume of left channel is twice lower than the right channel.
In the same time other ingame world sounds produced ok,in stereo.

While in game press ALT+TAB and choose Phoebus driver window.
Change Sample rate from 192KHz to 44.1KHz or any another and back again.
Press ALT+TAB again to go back to game.
Now everything sounds like it should.

2.While in speaker mode,remote control is not affect sound level.
Level of sound is not changing when i rotate remote wheel.

3.Are there any chance to level down the input latency?
If i choose to listen to "line in" in windows sound menu (non ASIO or VST or any sound program used)
the latency is sooo big.
My old Creative card was a way better,it has almost no latency.
Is there any chance to make "Line-in Boost" level changer?

4.ASIO Latency is BIG compare to Creative.It`s almost non-usable for VST plugins.
Why is it so?
"Sample Rate and Resolution ASIO 2.2 Driver Support :
44.1K/48K/88.2K/96K/176.4K/192KHz @ 16bit/24bit with very low latency"

5.Are there any way to hear ASIO and system sounds simultaneously?
To hear sounds from many programms in real time.
To play guitar in ASIO mode and hear music in Windows Media player simultaneously.
Can you create some kind of 'what you hear' mode like Creative did in their driver?

6.There are some problems with Asio in some programms:

Presonus Studio One (
No matter what settings i use in Studio one with Phoebus ASIO(latency,buffer size,etc),programm is not working.
When i press PLAY or RECORD button,nothing happens.Vertical Line, which represents position cursor,is not moving.
With Creative and EMU cards it works fine.

I love Phoebus, i am huge ASUS fan.I hope you`ll be able to make a way better driver to make this audiocard
the best. Not only for gaming,but also for home music production,cause its specs is awesome!!!

I can test new beta drivers for ASIO stability and usability in sound programms,if it will help to solve this problems.

P.S. Sorry for my English 🙂

AVtemp wrote:
BTW i find out that my Dolby Home Theatre v4 is missing "1.Import 2.System 3.Optimiser 4.Regulator 5.Profiles 6.Export" pages on the top of the window compare to this video
Is it some kind of bug?

How can i have those settings ? i don't have on mine.

Level 7
hmm interesting i am missing those options to

Level 10
Latest Beta - With Windows 8, along with it not updating firmware (x64 Windows 8 personal confirmation, tried run as admin as well), it breaks protected mode audio, or at least seems to. Following standard steps to fix the issue (either downloading the Microsoft quick-fix or following registry key delete of disableprotectedmode and restarting the audio driver) do not work in the instance of trying to start Netflix or Hulu apps. Both these apps do indeed work with the last official driver for Windows 8, however, once you follow the steps to enable protected audio mode as outlined by Microsoft. These apps both do not work with the latest Beta driver. I suspect either a coding issue here (causing incompatibility) or the writing of something to break function since the drivers are not WHQL certified.
Asus G20CB - Core i7 6700, Nvidia GTX980, 16GB Ram, 256GB SK Hynix SSD, 1TB Samsung SSD.