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Phoebus is in the house

Level 8
After much debate, decided to try it..

Amazon shipped mine friday overnight, fedex crushed the box and returned it to amazon. Amazon refunded my money because I had other items that were back ordered then. So I ordered from newegg and it showed up today. Did minor surgery and installed CM Seidon 240 water cooler and the Phoebus.

I decided against installing it in the first slot above my video card (Asus Maximus V Formula). I sandwiched it between my video cards. A slot according to my manual was not using IRQ of anything else so i should have and sharing issues with other devices.

Installed, disabled onboard in bios. Booted removed old onboard drivers. Reb-boot and installed latest Phoebus drivers release. WOW!!!! BF3 and my Tiamats have NEVER sounded so good. Playing for 4 hours now no issues! Amazing no more humming noise either that razer says is from USB ports.

I'm glad I decided to try it.

Level 10
Glad you are happy with your purchase. Enjoy it and game on.

It really is a good card, excellent in fact, its just that the ramp up to driver support has been very slow. I expect it will shine nicely in the next few releases.

Level 10
Glad you are happy with your purchase. Enjoy it and game on.

Level 7
to bad i am not as lucky as you are

today i ordered a soundblaster again 😞
the main problem i have with the phoebus is switching channels and hard clicking noise when it does switch
different volumes (like 30 a 40 %)on the channels and a few minor other problems

i use it on a receiver and was realy hoping after the (uche) firmware update that all went better (it didn't)
so the new driver came and i was like ..oke this is it ... but it was not ....same problems stayed

now (10 minutes ago) i ordered a soundblaster Z and crossing my fingers for a better audio world

Level 10
My Phoebus first impression was like WOW, its great soundcard!
And when bugs party starts - Ok, i`m gonna send them bugreport, they gonna fix this, no big deal.
Now, after few month later - There is no hope for me, nobody even want to listen. :mad:
A lot of companies dont care about customers anymore nowadays.

Level 8
I'm very impressed with this card. Got to play around some today, probably the best sounding ard I've ever had personally and the positional audio with te tiamat 7.1 is pretty amazing.