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Phoebus card front jack panel microphone doesn't work

Level 7
Hi! I just got my asus phoebus solo card today but i got one problem. My front jack panel don't work. When i come near to the jack port on my front panel computer i got some 'noice' so some thing 'work' but when i plug my sennheiser pc 360 in it, nothing work/is detected. But in the back panel, when i directly connect my jack headset, it's work. Can you help me? i saw on internet that there is a option to choose the front panel or the back as a source but i didn't find this option yet.

I would like if possible some input from you guys to setup correctly my phoebus settings in the software etc...

And i got an other question: In my pheobus software, my 'parameter microphone' change some time. I reduced because it was to loud on teamspeak. But when i put it to 50dB, some time later it come back to default...
Thanks you all and merry christmas.

Level 7