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New drivers Version 2015/01/22

Level 7
Phoebus / Phoebus Solo driver for Win8.1
1. Launch Sonic Studio
2. UI ver.1.0.8.

Level 8
ANd Raja's no help either since he turned into a bot.

Level 7
Has anybody from asus already responded about all this sh*t with new driver?

Level 8
Nope, i've contacted official support, no answers so far. Asus is not really good at customer relations...

When i try to start sonic studio pro i always get an error message there has occurred an exception (0xe0434352) in the program on location 0x77484598 in asusphoebusMainConfig.exe, and then i have to close it, dolby on the contrary works.

Level 7
How can I set the Dolby Digital Live? in the settings I see only "stereo"!
These new drivers, just noy satisfy me ..

Level 7
When I listen to music and then start Chrome browser, the music is interrupted by a short noise.

Additionally they seem to have changed the sound signature a bit, can't describe in what way exactly, but I prefer the old one. Tested with AKG K702 and plain stereo, no EQ of course 😉

It's a pity because I'd prefer the new interface.

Level 7
I have my speakers able to go into 5.1 just fine, but in my Digital (fiber optic) connection to my surround sound receiver, it doesn't allow me to choose anything but Stereo. That seems like a driver issue to me. Did they not allow 5.1 sound out of fiber optic with this release? Does anyone else have this problem?

Level 7
I need flex bass back, my tiamat 7.1 headset sound's terrible without it.
In the process of building my first eva intel pc

please asus tech members, update the driver with flex bass, dts settings etc.

another issue of the new driver is that almost there is no dsp plugin, please release a fully capable driver or update the new driver which it can work with the old driver without no issue and no conflict

Level 7
the new driver works perfectly BUT there is no flex bass.. bass boost setting is a crap. deep and high quality bass response of the old driver has gone... the new driver lack of high quality and deep bass which hardware of the xonar phoebus deserve...