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I can hear my own microphone

Level 7
So, after installing windows 10 I've had some issues with my drivers and such, and have then had to resort to reinstalling an phoebus driver in win7 compitability mode, which made my headset (tiamat 7.1) sound like it should again.
There is one slight issue though, I can hear my own microphone through my headset, and the soundsettings for it says that the option to hear myself is off, and turning it on only makes me hear it twice. I've looked through the settings in phoebus controlpanel, and I
can't seem to find anything that should have that effect.
I have tried fiddling around with the various settings for playback and recording there like Magic voice, SingFX, and all the settings for surround in the speakers incase that should have anything to do with it, but I can't seem to find anything that stops it.
I have also checked atleast 5 times, and yes, my headset is plugged in correctly.

I've looked around on google for a while now, I can't find anything that works, and I'm getting really tired of this not working, if
anyone knows what this could be, please help, I'll give you virtual nachos.

(just FYI, I'm as blind as a bat so there may be settings I've missed, if you know any that could cause this, please shout at me)

Level 14
Do you have a software option for turning down mic sensitivity? Windows might have a sneaky little setting hidden somewhere in the control panels which overrides your Phoebus driver with "hear yourself talk" enabled by default.

In Windows 7 - right-click on the Sound Icon in the Systray/Notification area, select Recording Devices, select Headset Microphone or External Microphone (or whatever you got), then Properties, then the Listen Tab, the "Listen to this device" (hear your own voice) option was enabled by default (overriding my audio drivers) on my system, perhaps also on yours. There are also many other little settings behind that icon which might help.

Or there might be a hardware issue. As in, are your audio cables all bundled up together and causing some sort of inductive signal crosstalk?

If all else fails, you could try installing a foamy noise-canceller onto the mic, it might at least partially reduce input noise.

Good luck.
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