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Had this card about a year, but now losing its quality

Level 9
Hey everyone, I had this sound card since 9th of August of 2013. It was serving me alright during the period of time, even when using Dolby V4 at the time.

Yes I know the sound card needs better drivers and I cant agree more. But during the past week, its been losing its tune and quality, even when I play video clips or youtube. When I skip the video parts through the scene I want to watch, the audio quality volume went from high to low for unknown reason and I was using 44hz and 48hz sample rate on 24bit.

It never did that before when I first used it. I cant use S/PDIF to use Dolby Digital Live due to driver bugs when using it, since it pops or my music cuts out time to time when I use that. My other previous sound cards never did that to me before so I couldn't use S/PDIF.

Then Dolby V4 wasn't fully working properly on speakers virtualization on all my speakers, like how it used to work before. So i have no idea what's going on there. I even tried clean uninstall and reinstall and yep I disabled and uninstall onboard sound drovers, before installing the Phoebus drivers on.

Then I get crackle/pop here an there on certain task I use sometimes.

So now just 2 days from now, I purchase D2x from Gamedudes (In Australia) and Echelon Xonar U7 (but i haven't received it yet) but since I was using Uni Xonar with DHT v4 on the Xonar D2x it was running way better than the Phoebus was.

But since I'll be having 2 sound cards (U7 and currently using Xonar D2x), how am I going to RMA my Phoebus. cause on Gamedudes they only offer 12 months warranty and this sound card states it should have 3 year warranty by Asus.

So I got stumbled on what my options are or what can i do.

Level 13

If it is felt there is an issue with the card that requires a RMA request this at for your location.