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ETA on Phoebus?

Level 7
Is there an ETA on when the next batch of Phoebus cards will be out in the US? I can't seem to find one on any of the big reseller sites.

Level 7
You don't need a big reseller, you just need a reputible company.

Excaliberpc shipped it same day to me without any price gouging. I got tired of waiting on Amazon. Great customer service. The only downside is you will have to pay shipping. They currently have 6 in stock still. Mine arrives tomorrow.

FYI, they had 17 available at the start of the week. So I would not wait too long.

Level 10
Yep, I got mine at exacilberpc to and could not have been happier. The card runs great in music and video but I am still getting the weird stutter (close to lock up) during BF3... 😕 It's ok in other games though.
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