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Driver Phoebus 1114 Win 10 x64 - nhAsusPhoebusSvc64.exe memory leak ?!?!

Level 7
After installing the latest drivers for the package Phoebus Solo became a strange thing. It took me some time before I discovered what process causes these strange things. Kiwdy process is running nhAsusPhoebusSvc64.exe (C: \ Program Files \ ASUSTeKcomputer.Inc \ nhAsusPhoebus \ UserInterface \ x64) stops dxiałać many applications. These applications theoretically start up (visible in the task manager), but do not display any window. These are just a few that I noticed for 2 days use conditions drivers:
WoWSLauncher.exe - World of Warships starter
WoTLauncher.exe - World of Tanks starter Launcher.exe - starter

In addition, The Settlers Online launched Firefox crashes Flash Player plugin when you start playing.
The solution is to kill the nhAsusPhoebusSvc64.exe in Task Manager.
Coincidence? I do not think so.
If someone could check on your computer configuration?

Level 7
I have same problem, new driver pack causes frezez, but if turn off nhAsusPhoebusSvc64.exe + 32, all works fine. WTF asus?