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Dolby headphone in Phoebus ??

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why Asus replaced Dolby headphone with Xear surround Headphone in Phoebus?? Xear surround option is just terrible with headphones ..absolutely terrible sounding .. and I cant even adjust the positioning of the speakers ? whats the point of these terrible Xear options in Phoebus ?? and why ASUS rely on Dolby Home Theater 4 on EQ and other main settings ?? without Dolby Home Theater 4 this card is just utter useless ...

Level 7
not to forget theres no AEC on the sound card, but there is on their onboard sound...

Level 7
Tassy, about your problem of sound in headphone leaking into microphone, is it worse if you set headphone amp to 12dB and less serious if the headphone amp is at 0dB?

Level 7
Hi guys !!

Seems like a lot of people who get used to dolby headphone on previous Xonar card questioning this. I`ve done some researched on the internet and also with my personal experience after using the phoebus for a month. Apparently, they replaced the dolby headphone features in phoebus with Xear Surround Headphone. Both has almost similar feature which is taking 7.1 signal from windows audio (it can be games, movies, etc) and virtualized it through stereo headphones so you`ll get directional surround sound from your stereo headphone.

Unlike Xear Surround Headphone and Dolby Headphone, The Dolby HT4 will only takes 2 channels from windows audio (It also can be games, movies,etc) and if u activate the surround virtualizer on the HT4`s control panel, it will only gives you virtualized surround sound from 2 channels audio. so that means, HT4`s surround is just pretty much like stereo widening effect and not directional surround sound featured on Dolby Headphone or Xear Surround Headphone.

You can check it by yourself, try to thick the Xear Surround Headphone option on Phoebus control panel and check the right click on volume icon on taskbar -> click playback devices -> right click on asus xonar phoebus (headphones) -> properties -> click advanced tab

you`ll see Xear surround 7.1 in default format drop down box, that means windows will gives information to the games or media which you play that you are using 7.1 audio setup, therefore the games will send up to 7.1 audio channels (depending on the game, most games used 5.1 channels) to phoebus and xear surround headphone will gives you "dolby headphone like" directional surround sound over stereo headphones.

Hope this will help most peoples who got confused about it.
Cheers 🙂

Level 7
And it sucks. Well, the Xear just sounds like a bathroom. I got a massive echo while playing. Isn't it better to use PCEEV4?

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someone on head-fi asked this question from Dolby.. and according to them DHTv4 uses the same algorithm as Dolby headphone ..

Here is my request:

As a long time user of Dolby Headphone technology from Asus Xonar soundcards, I am concerned that the new Dolby® Home Theater v4 headphone implementation found on the Xonar U7 might be inferior to the classical Dolby Headphone. Please clarify that for me.

Here is the answer I got fro Dolby:

Hi Peter-

I apologize for the delay in responding to your email, the team was attending E3 last week. The algorithms between Dolby Headphone and Dolby Home Theater v4 for headphone virtualization are the same, so there shouldn’t be any difference. You may be hearing a difference because DHT v4 features things like volume leveling, dialogue enhancement, etc.

I hope this helps.

The Dolby Game Team

Level 7
So its 1:1 the same if i tick Game mode and compare it to DH?