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Deadlock in nhAsusU7MKIIOSD.dll causing certain programs to freeze/crash

Level 7

I recently came across a problem with both Autodesk Fusion 360 and Ultimaker Cura where the program would freeze and crash when opened on a second monitor. Looking into it with a debugger revealed that it would get stuck somewhere inside nhAsusU7MKIIOSD.dll. I confirmed this by unplugging my Xonar U7 and restarting the program, which fixed the freezing.

More precisely the loop it's getting stuck in is located at +0x15B72


I ended up manually fixing this by editing the jump and pointing it to some nearby error logging and return (this seems to also contain the actual function name ]HookGfxClient::CDisplaySettingsManager::DisplaySettingsFromHWND"). I have no idea what problems this could cause, but so far it has fixed problems with both programs and I haven't noticed any strange behaviour elsewhere, good enough for me.


I also remember Xonar U7 causing problems with the Rockstar Launcher way back when Red Dead Redemption 2 was released on PC. I could only start the game by unplugging it first and plugging it back after, maybe that was caused by the same problem.