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Custom remote box for strix soundcard

Level 8
I got a Strix Soar today, and discovered it has the 'box link' connector on the back. Reading reviews, it seems the hardware is the same (other than a different opamp or 2) on the Soar and Raid Pro, so theoretically the control box should work on both, although I couldn't find anyone who had actually tried. Please correct me if this is wrong. The main difference between the cards as far as I can tell (again please correct me) is that the Raid pro comes with the control box.

From what little I have found about the connector, it looks like the control box interfaces with the card via a 2.5mm 4-pole jack. The other 2x 3.5mm jacks appear to be just pass through for headphone and mic/line in connectors. The 2.5mm jack is most likely Vdd,Vcc and I2C or similar. Does anyone have any info about this connector. Pinouts, communication protocol etc.

I am looking to make a 2.4Ghz remote to allow me to adjust volume while using the PC to play music while I'm doing other things, and a desktop mounted toggle between headphones and speakers. I may add something to do with RAID mode further down the track.


Level 8
I have manged to read the leds and output device from the card. I am happy to let anyone know the details if they are interested. Still working on the rest of the data output and sending data to the card.

Level 7
Hi there! Sorry to drag this thread out of history, hope all is well with you.
Did you end up getting a custom control box working? If so, can you please point me towards any info for me to recreate? Thanks!