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Xonar Phoebus solo Gone after Windows Update

hi guys, after october update i can't no longer managed the xonar phoebus solo the reason is, if i'm using teamspeak, if i heard any audio from .mp3, from youtube or spotify i can heard ALWAYS some freeze and scratching (are not the headset, i've tes...

Asus Strix Soar, Sonic studio sound enhancement

Sonic Studio (Strix Soar) sometimes randomly sound enhancement (Equalizer, Bass boost, Reverb etc.) isn't working in apps and games, mainly after switching from speakers to headphones or back. When run Discord and after run game (Heroes of the storm...

Kensaii by Level 7
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ASUS Essence STX II compatibility

Is Essence STX II ( a good experience instead of the onboard audio on the Recent ROG Motherboard ?I use good sound quality stereo speakers

cekeu by Level 11
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Sonic Studio for Xonar U7 MKII

Hello,I just find this forum I just bought Sound card Asus Xonar U7 MKII, and card works OK, but I need Sonic Studio.With sound card I dont' get any cd instalation.My operation sistem is Windows 64bit.Please can you help me where to find Sonic Studio...

d_8 by Level 7
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Asus Strix Sonar 7.1 Sonic Get Freezed?

Hi!I bought Sonar 7.1 Sometimes the sonic studio just stop working i change equalizers and Nothing! How its possible? DSX Drivers have more options and works better than a mid-high Term Sound Card like Strix Sonar?Someone with same problem?I Use Equa...

Arkaniz by Level 7
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ASUS Pheobus Solo stopped working

Few weeks ago I bought new PC platform (ASRock Z370 Extreme 4, i5 8600k, 16GB G.skill RAM), installed Windows 10 from scratch at SSD and base drivers required to run new PC. Downloaded Phoebus drivers and everything was working fine. Two days ago dur...

kj_tsu by Level 7
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Strix Soar Vertical Mount

Hello, I have the STRIX SOAR soundcard, and was thinking of mounting it vertically. I searched and only see info to do it for GPUs. Anyone have a link with good instructions/choices so I can do this?