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Question about Phoebus SPDIF/side output

Hello,I am interested in buying the Xonar Phoebus. I have quite a few items I would like to connect to them. They include the PC360s, Astro A50s, Logitech Z-5500, and the Razer Tiamat. I noticed from the specs that the rear speaker output is shared w...

Xonar Phoebus + ThunderDX = Good?

So I was just curious about this combo. If I get a ASUS Xonar Phoebus sound card and also have a ThunderDX will it make the audio in any situation 2x times better than just having one of the components?What would you recommend if I want to use it for...

New Headphones For Phoebus

I had the Sennheiser PC350 (broke) and now I need a much better set of cans that excels at music and is suitable for gaming. I would buy a separate mic rather than compromise on SQ and limit choice.So far I've checked out the Sennheiser HD800 and Gra...

SMiThaYe by Level 7
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Xonar Phoebus Mini Review - User's Perspective

Not entirely sure how to do this as i've never "professionally" done any kind of review before but here it goes, please bare with me on it lol.Installing and driver setup: Was a total snap, quick and easy...couldn't have been any easier to get it goi...

Casse e cuffie consiglio per giocare

Speakers and headphones to play the top boardhello guysI'd need a pair of headphones (gaming 5.1) to make the most delicious my Xonar Phoebus.Then could you also advise me of the cases (gaming 5.1) for maximum sound performance with the Xonar Phoebus...

Phoebus recommendation - adaptive sample rate

I have never been so concerned about sample rate before getting this card. Since the option is built in to the software to change the sample rate, I find myself constantly thinking "have I chose the right setting for my current app"?.I don't know if ...

Best settings for Battlefield 3

I have the Headphones DT990 premium, i want the best experience for bf3.So i am using the Dolby Theater only for headphones surround on minimum, all other are off.In game i heard to use Home Cinema and there was another option Enhance Surround or Enh...

x7007 by Level 7
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Asus Phoebus question

Just got my phoebus installed and at first when i would hit the button on the controller to shut my headphones off it would swap to my speakers or swap back to headphones when i turned it on. But now I dont know if i changed something but if i hit th...