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Phoebus and the Logitech g930

I seem to not be able to use my g930 with the Phoebus sound card. I was wondering if it is because the headset is usb. When I click on sound options in windows I can see what is linked to the Phoebus and everything is except the g930. Just wonderi...

Armadon by Level 7
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Trouble with centre channel

Just picked up the Phoebus card, and it is connected into a 5.1 channel system (not using digital thus far.) Running Windows 7 Ultimate with 8GB of RAM. I do have the card set in the control panel for 5.1 operation, but only the front/left and fro...

ETA Windows 8 Drivers [Xonar Phoebus]

@asus-Support:Is there an ETA on Windows 8 drivers for Xonar Phoebus (at least beta)?In the meantime: Are Windows 7 drivers compatible with Windows 8?(If not official, perhaps via forced install through the device manager).Although Windows 8 will be ...

Sound Sync in games Phoebus

Hi,I have a problem in games like Lost Planet 2, Saint Row 3, the videos in the game synced for the couple seconds or mintues of the movie (cutesene) and after that the sound comes after couple seconds of what being seeing on the video.What can i do ...

x7007 by Level 7
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Phoebus bad sound through hp jack, very echoey

So, I first uninstalled my realtek drivers (control Panel/Uninstall Programs/ Realtek) then installed the beta driver directly from asus. After the reset I tired it out with my astro a30's (no mixamp) and the sound was horrible so much echoing with ...

Arcadez by Level 7
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Official Video: RoG Xonar Phoebus

What are your thoughts?Mine are contained here in my very first *amateur* reviewHeh and the video sounded awesome through my waaaaay old Creative god knows what model 5.1 Speakers lol

Bass Response?

I was wondering about the bass on this soundcard in respect to previous models. Currently I'm using a pair of Beyers DT990 600ohm which aren't exactly a pair of bassy headphones, but I've been able to get them to a comfortable bass level using the eq...

Estatus by Level 7
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Question about Phoebus SPDIF/side output

Hello,I am interested in buying the Xonar Phoebus. I have quite a few items I would like to connect to them. They include the PC360s, Astro A50s, Logitech Z-5500, and the Razer Tiamat. I noticed from the specs that the rear speaker output is shared w...