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Thunder FX and Coolermaster Sirius

the mic sounds muddled and low when using the speaker input with my headset.Using the ThunderFX module, only allows me to use 1 jack for the speaker and the other for the mic.would this cause any issues as far as being able to hear 5.1 channels?does ...

zigasus by Level 7
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Xonar Phoebus and Windows 8

Since Windows 8 is now available for students via DreamSpark (former MSDNAA) I'm sure this question might be asked by several people.Is there any driver for the Xonar Phoebus available, that works with Windows 8?

Echo in headset microphone

Hi Asus,I am using a Teufel Digital 300 Sound System connected via SPDIF and the sound is great when using boxes.When I connect my headset to the ROG control box I always here an echo and myself no matter which setting I try in the ASUS Software or w...

jluerken by Level 7
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suggestion for speaker setup and settings

i just got this card and it's my 1st ever sound card. before this i always rely on the onboard sound so i'm really clueless with all the extra settings which came with this cardi did a search before posting this topic on how to setup my speaker, espe...

z5500 and phoebus or dx?

Hi guys,Im gaming (bf3 90% and 10% sc2) with a logitech z-5500 setup, just pulled them out of storage and havent had them hooked up since my creative x-fi platinum was still around (maybe 2 years ago?). I wanted to give asus a try since there has bee...

66racer by Level 7
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Phoebus after a clean install of Windows 7

Hi Guys,After struggling a while with all the options and old/new drivers, I wasn't still that happy with the sound of the Phoebus.So I decide to give my system a new clean Windows 7 install, and now it sounds AWESOME!! The sound is crystal clear and...

Sound card not recognized

Light is on but nobody home. I changed the sound cards to different PCI slots but it still doesn't recognize the sound card. Every time I put the driver in it says the sound card is not in. The light for the sound card is on. I am lost with this...

zorlack by Level 7
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help with set up 7.1 cs :go

i bought this sound card to replace my creative x-fi and its way harder to figure out, just need help with settings to use for full 7.1 sound with my pc 360 g4me headphones.

McMada by Level 7
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Phoebus and the Logitech g930

I seem to not be able to use my g930 with the Phoebus sound card. I was wondering if it is because the headset is usb. When I click on sound options in windows I can see what is linked to the Phoebus and everything is except the g930. Just wonderi...

Armadon by Level 7
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