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Asus Strix Raid Pro control box

I have a Strix Raid Pro soundcard that uses the external control for volume and switching between headphones and speakers. It has the latest driver and just recently fails to initialise properly and startup. It goes through the the two light patterns...

[Asus Strix Raid Pro] Changing number of channels through ASIO

When changing from 5.1 surround to headphone the number of ASIO channels suddenly changes from 8 to 2. This is VERY annoying because my software relies on a fixed ASIO channel number.Is it possible to keep all ASIO channels while using the head phone...

ArcoNL by Level 7
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[Asus Strix Raid Pro] Definition of ASIO channels

Hi guys, I'm wondering how the ASIO channels work, which channel is what?When using Surround 5.1 I can't test all ASIO channels, I have found this:Channel 0: front leftChannel 1: front rightChannel 2: center leftChannel 3: center rightChannel 4: sub ...

ArcoNL by Level 7
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[ASUS Strix Raid PRO] Noise in left channel when running games

So i recently bought a new sound card, replacing my older Xonar DX.Im having issues with noise in the left channel when running games. It sounds like 50hz is leaking through to the sound card but i got no idea to be honest.I got my headphones hooked ...

nems8 by Level 7
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Cmedia/xonar u7 driver for Strix sound cards?

Hi guys,im thinking to buy strix soar sound card,because cant find xonar u7.I want to know, can i install driver(probablly need to tweak hw id in script) for xonar u7 on strix soar because they both use c-media cmi6632A chipset.I find that cmedia xe...

Upgrade to a ASUS STRIX SOAR 7.1?

Hi ThereI currently have a 11-year-old ASUS Xonar DX2 which does not have an onboard amp. Will there be an improvement if I upgrade to an ASUS STRIX SOAR 7.1 sound card which does have an amp? I will be buying the Sennheiser GSP 600s or the Hyperx Cl...

ASUS STRIX RAID DLX Microphone input level is jumping

Hi when I use my mic peoiple complain that my input level is jkumping meaning soemtime it is super loud and sometime super quite.I can also see the level jumping even if all setting are off see screenshot.I use following versions:studio 1.1.21sound c...

alx00 by Level 7
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