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BUG: Xonar Phoebus and Rapture 3D

Audio is missing when I play CodeMasters F1 RaceStars, Need for Speed HP and other games that make use require Rapture 3D.I'm using rapture3d_2.5.1game and tried to use both the OpenAL driver that ships with the Phoebus driver as those that come wit...

Mineria by Level 7
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Xonar Phoebus Solo Sound card

Hello there. I recently bought a xonar phoebus. At first i got some problems with it but after uninstalling onboards audio drivers it was ok. After i shut down my computer the next day i had the same problems. Chrome sometimes doesnt have sound(most ...

Asus xonar phoebus makes strange noises in windows.

The sound card before installing the drivers Phoebus_8_0_1_29 was just a sound "one click" to load windows, but now after installing these drivers is doing various sounds "click" in windows.Anyone know what's going on? This sound is the same sound ca...

FILROD by Level 7
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upgrade from x-fi titanium

hi,just bought tiamat 7.1 headset, and was wondering if would they sound better on phoebus then on my old x-fi titanium soundcard (not HD version)cos there are none new 7.1 creative soundcard available thx in advance

Scorpy by Level 7
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Phoebus VLC,sound disappears

Hi just got the phoebus, so far no bf3 problem but i noticed when using vlc high sounds ( explosion, theme music) the sound disappears for a split secund. all the bars on dolby v4 goes down for this secund..and then comes back.. If you watch the ...

How should i connect

Hello there.Yesterday I got my new Phoebus.I have a Logitech Z906 system, and I am wondering how I should connect it for the best performance.Should I connect it over optical cable, or analog? I'm watching alot of 5.1 movies, also listening to much m...

Any sign of a new driver ?

just wondering if I missed a beta or anything, driver I'm running is "Phoebus-" from the asus product page.Any info is appreciated

Xear 7.1 vs Dolby Home V4

Hey guys, somone noticed that Dolby Home with 24-Bit 192 KhZ sounds better then Xear 7.1?Is it only me, or does the "simulated" Surround with Dolby Home Theater V4 sound a lot more better then the Xear 7.1 Surround Headphone ?Or can somone tell me wh...

Dolby headphone in Phoebus ??

why Asus replaced Dolby headphone with Xear surround Headphone in Phoebus?? Xear surround option is just terrible with headphones ..absolutely terrible sounding .. and I cant even adjust the positioning of the speakers ? whats the point of these terr...