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Windows 8.1 fix

After hours of troubleshooting, I came across this solution to get the drivers functioning properly in windows 8.1The problem first arose for me when attempting to watch netflix.Hit Win+R to open the run commandType in "Regedit" to open the registry ...

Cheetohz by Level 7
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Phoebus Solo Noise

Hello everyone.I just bought this card, all is fine, but I found that I can't use my SS 363D on 100%, I need best quality for audio recording, and I can't get it coz of NOISE, also I read many, many topics about this issue, and all like one saying: "...

TS3 low mic volume and noises

Hello Evreybody,i got the Xonar Phoebus Solo and i relay like it, only one big problem:I cant use Team Speak 3 because all the other people hear is a very quiet voice with a lot of distortion.All other programms work: Skype, Audacity, In-Game Chat no...

PredOp by Level 7
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Asus Xonar Phoebus vanished (windows 8.1)

Hi guys,I have a Xonar Phoebus for a little over one year now and it always worked perfectly.Couple of days ago i migrated to windows 8.1 from windows 8. The card was working fine but yesterday it decided to completely vanish from every place, includ...

baojin by Level 7
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