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UE 9000 with Xonar Pheobus Headset Module

Greetings,I have an interesting little issue when using the UE 9000 headset with the supplied cable to the Xonar Pheobus Headset Module.The fittings all connect correctly, however I get very muffled sound - audio meant for 'left and right' channels i...

Xonar DG sound balance issue

HelloI just bought Xonar DG card and Sennheiser Gaming Zer0 headset. I installed the drivers and I have a problem. Right headphone is really really low, I have to use 25 / 90 sound balance to get "ok" balance. IF I unplug the microphone jack sounds w...

Fuzer by Level 7
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Phoebus card front jack panel microphone doesn't work

Hi! I just got my asus phoebus solo card today but i got one problem. My front jack panel don't work. When i come near to the jack port on my front panel computer i got some 'noice' so some thing 'work' but when i plug my sennheiser pc 360 in it, not...


hey guys my Essence STX II just arrived yesterday and I was blown away by the quality of this sound card but then I noticed a small issue. I have my 2.1 speakers hooked up to the Red/White jack and my Sennheiser HD598 hooked up to the big headphone j...

THD & noise floor when DHT888 heat

Just 2 picture, instead of many words.[img=800x530, 99.8Kb][/img][img=1x1, 0.0Kb]

ikm by Level 7
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Driver meses up FRONT/REAR??!!

Hi,recently reinstalled my OS and installed the newest Phoebus driver.Now when listening to movies I nearly always have the problem that the driver mixes up FRONT/REAR channels when in 5.1, meaning all sounds comes from the REAR speakers, none from F...

xamoel by Level 7
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No sound in certain games.

Hello,I bought the Xonar Phoebus Solo yesterday and it's working great. However, I'm having an issue with Dragon Age: Inquisition. When having Home Theater v4 enabled and while I have another application like chrome/youtube or TeamSpeak3 running, the...

Share your opinion/experience on the Phoebus here.

So a half year later since I bought this card, nothing changed really... The drivers suck monkey b*lls, especially on Windows 8.The following problems are those which I find the most annoying;Game CrashesIncompatible GamesController volume knob buggs...

hingj0n by Level 7
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