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Xonar SE Souncard Problems. Any Ideas?

I've found very little info about this Xonar SE card on the internet, so I'll just list the problems (and solutions) I have run into with it and hopefully I can sort at least some of it out. I am currently running it in 2 channel stereo via analog fr...

quexos by Level 7
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Strix Sonic Studio Software Bug

Hello everyone!I'm having a bug with this software, at every start or restart it causes lag (about 3-5 seconds) in my system, which is more noticeable on my mouse cursor, moving in slow-mo. I know the software is the problem because if I prevent it f...

Asus STRIX SOAR - profile for music

Hello. After installation of the Sound studio I found that sound in youtube is not good even like on onboard soundcard. So I found that the profile is set for games. If you want listen music on better quality, here is mine profile for music. You can...

Asus Strix Soar NoT detected Cold BOOT

Hi all, as the title I have a problem with my sound card asus strix soar, when cold boot is not detected the card, you need a windows reboot to see the card.Until last week everything was all right, suddenly it has this cold boot problem.You hear the...

How to correctly connect PC, U7 and Denon receiver

Do you know what I'm doing wrong here?I'm trying to connect PC -> U7 <- Denon receiver (via optical to U7 and HDMI to PC).Unfortunately when changing the source via the button switch on the U7 to Speakers, I get no sound. Only when I switch the sourc...

PsiCore by Level 7
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Windows 11 has updated my SOAR drivers

Hi, suddenly by turning on the PC my soundcard settings were reset, and i have found out that windows did update the drivers on its own, but the drivers i had were already the latest!New version :, date : 24/11/2016Anyone else has this?So...

c300g97 by Level 7
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Surround question

I have a quick question for Soar owners here, when using the virtual surround what settings in games should i use ? Because some games will let you select 7.1 output or maybe a generic "surround" , should i use these ? Also, do i have to disable in-g...

c300g97 by Level 7
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Xonar Phoebus - Dialogs cut before end of speech

Hi all,Since many years I have a problem in a lot of games where NPC dialogs get cut before end of the speech. Basically I don't hear the last few words. It is like the time window for the dialog to be heared is too short, so the end is cut out. Unti...

Darats by Level 7
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Harsh Sibilants in playback

Hello! I have an Asus Xonar SE. When I watch some videos off of Youtube the Ss and other harsh sibilants tend to drill though my skull. Is there a way to tone them down to more acceptable levels? Example - ...

Xonar phoebus status as of May 2016

Well, it's almost May so Now, the xonar phoebus was released in 2012, that makes it 4 years old, which should give us a mature product with perfectly ironed out drivers, right? Wrong! Since day one Asus didn't give a rat's a$$ about this product, the...