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Strix Soar Vertical Mount

Hello, I have the STRIX SOAR soundcard, and was thinking of mounting it vertically. I searched and only see info to do it for GPUs. Anyone have a link with good instructions/choices so I can do this?

Rog sonar Phoebus sound card.

Hi,I have re-slotted my Rog sonar Phoebus sound card. This because of a PSU SHROUD I finally have bought:-) I didn't work and I my pc couldn't find the card. So I have put it back in its old slot and it worked again... but there is a but.. my headset...

Xonar u7 MK II 5.1 problem

Hello guys.I've got a new Xonar u7 MK2 sound card and I was quite impressed by the sound quality with my headphones. However, when I decided to connect my old 5.1 sound system, everything works except there is no bass at all at any volume. I've chang...

strix raid pro problem

I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I had a strix raid pro installed and it worked fine until the other night after the windows update. Then serious bsod and I had to reinstall windows and now I cant get the card to work again. It sta...

morpwr by Level 7
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7.1 Virtual Surround broken in latest drivers

As the title said, the virtual surround option is not working on my strix soar with the latest drivers. Works on the drivers that came on the cards driver disc. I cant use the old driver due to other bugs. It seems to be an issue with the rear channe...

Casodi by Level 7
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Asus Xonar U7 MKII with Echelon driver?

Would it be possible to use Xonar U7 MKII with Echecon driver?I really hate MKII driver with Sonic Studio, PUBG lags so hard because of that (especially mouse stutter).But I want to use Sonic Radar.. it's one reason I bought MKII (I'm deaf from one e...

Thumser by Level 7
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Custom remote box for strix soundcard

I got a Strix Soar today, and discovered it has the 'box link' connector on the back. Reading reviews, it seems the hardware is the same (other than a different opamp or 2) on the Soar and Raid Pro, so theoretically the control box should work on bot...

Windows 10 + Strix dlx

hello guysi had this sound card in win7 working just fine. today i re-installed my system, with windows 10, and now my soundcard is installed, but the control box doesnt work, its one led on one led off...what can i do to fix this?tnks

shaca by Level 7
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[bug] sonic studio lags programs and input devices

I have Xonar U7 MK2. I downloaded official drivers from asus site ( installation, some programs began to work incorrectly.Chrome: mouse lags while browser opening, random mouse...

mrellan by Level 7
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