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Asus Xonar Phoebus vanished (windows 8.1)

Level 7
Hi guys,

I have a Xonar Phoebus for a little over one year now and it always worked perfectly.

Couple of days ago i migrated to windows 8.1 from windows 8. The card was working fine but yesterday it decided to completely vanish from every place, including the device manager.

I downloaded the 8.1 x64 drivers but it says during the install that the card "doesn't exist".

I have all lights on on the card (the pink asus name and the red & green lights on the back).

I tried moving the card to another PCI-E port but no luck.

I'd have tested it on another computer but none of these have a free 6 pin power slot, unfortunately (modular power supply and international relocation made the extra cables vanish).

Are you aware of issued linked with the card vanishing for 8.1, even if u have official drivers for it ?


Level 13
Sounds like a Windows issue - possibly from the migration. You might need to resinstall the OS. These things can be prone to problems like this.

hi i had simmelar Problem use an older Driver frist than updated to the newst and that did it.

good luke


Level 8
Known problem with migration. Check your other drivers, some of them might have disappeared as well.

Level 7
Hm Tried with drivers as old as the first on win7, no go 😞 everytime it can't detect the card. I guess only a full reinstall of windows can fix it, which is a chore.