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asus strix soar sound card + windows 10 21h2 don't work

Level 7
hello. asus strix soar sound card stopped working on windows 10 21h2
bought 5 months ago, the latest driver, windows 10 21h2 (with all updates)
about 4 months ago, after windows 10 updates, the new asus strix soar sound card stopped working, by default I selected both strix sound and spdif out strix sound speakers (the edifier s530d acoustics supports spdif, the acoustics are fully working, now it works on spdif on the built-in sound card), but the sound does not appear in the speakers, everything is OK in the device manager, the laser stopped burning in the spdif connector. I tried changing pci-e slots and the sound driver tried reinstalling does not help, the card works OK on another computer. what to do?