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Asus Please remove Sonic Studio,and get normal Xear software on your cards

Level 7
As many of you users know Asus on their cards Xonars and Strixs use C-Media APU-s.
Xonars like dx,dgx,dsx,d2x and stx/stx 2 comes with modified cmi8788 apu (with as media bridge)and Xear Audio Center(older version),Phoebus CMI8888DHT APU(native pcie) and U7 CMI6632 (usb) use new Xear Audio Center made by C-Media.
Strixs like Soar,DLX Raid/Pro,AE uses CMI6632AE usb apu (with as media bridge) use Sonic Studio aka Nahimic audio enhancer made by A-Volute.

Benefits of C-Media Xear Audio Center and drivers:
Good compitability with games,browsers and windows,rich audio software.
Xear Audio Center features:
Xear Surround Speaker/Headphone
Xear SurroundMax
Xear 7.1 Speaker Shifter
Xear Flex Bass/Bass crossover
Xear Dynamic Bass/Briliance /Smart Volume/Equalizer/Asio...and other.
C-Media also provide in their drivers support for Dolby Home Theater/Master Studio and DTS Connect/Ultra PC2 enhancements.

Sonic Studio center provide:
Problems,incompatibility with many games,browser and windows crashes.
Bass Boost
Treble Boost
Basic Virtual Surround with unstable upmix stereo to surround.
And that all...

Then so ASUS Please use normal C-Media Xear Audio Center on all your cards ,dont experiment with Nahimic Sonic Studio crap.

P.S On new Xonar SE Asus use Xear Center and driver.

Xear Audio Center

Sonic Studio


Level 7
Just wait till my Strix Raid EOL.

I have been going back and forth lately with installing my old creative recon3d pcie card into my new system with Maximus x code motherboard. mostly just worried about driver support since it is a card which drivers were last updated in 2015. However having Dolby / DTS is nice where applicable. if you don't use headphones what is the point? I have been wrestling with that question vs onboard audio. I have been considering buying a newer sound card but I don't know if I would even get any type of Dolby / DTS support. Or if the standards have changed. Curious to hear thoughts. I just want true positional audio in games, specifically battlefield 5, and I don't think it has that capacity.

Level 7
Sonic Studio was the reason i returned my Strix card days after purchase. I got a Xonar DX instead and preferred the software even though it's much older.

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