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Asus Phoebus digital out to Razer Leviathan

Level 7
Hi guys,

So i just got the Razer Leviathan, one of the few speakers with optical in, something that i've been looking for quite sometime.

However, i got this weird thing happening.

When playing games, Mass Effect Andromeda, in this instance, the streaming of audio from the Phoebus optical out is weird, sounds are choppy and robotic, distorted. But i did a ingame recording and the sounds are perfect, it's not what i hear during game play. All other games are like that as well.

I'm using the 4.29 drivers now (because DDL).

I can confirm the cables are fine as the sounds are perfect when i switch to my Steelseries P800 headset, none of the sounds i hear from the speakers. And also the perfect sounds from the video playback are perfect so it should not be due to the optical cable.

Any advise?

thanks in advance.

Level 7
I like to add that the spdif adapter was busted and i am using another adapter. Because the adapter was too thick, i sandpaper it and it was a tight fit but audio is fine when watching videos.

Can it be due to not perfect fit that caused the choppy audio when gaming?

Not too sure how to get a asus issued adapter though so i can't really try with a new adapter.