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Z590-A Gaming WiFi

Level 7

Anyone experiencing problems with the internet connection while you are plugged in with a cable to the internet ?

My z590 at random times probably once in a week will lose internet connection or I will get a blue screen and I’m thinking a faulty Ethernet adaptor.

Running the latest Bios 1903 , and for now it seems stable. BUT I had already -Changed 2 Power Supply’s , it didn’t help . -Changed a Ram set , still doing it . -removed the GPU , just the onboard and still the same . -Changed Nvme’s

There is not much left , and I’m my last hope is the motherboard to be touching in the case and makes a ground somewhere but it’s a big hustle to deal with and remove due to cable management.

The Ethernet port Is it a good cause for an RMA? By searching a bit a saw others to have similar problems..