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XT8 Mesh & GT-AC5300 - Same network IP range

Level 7

I've configured a dual Router setup on the same subnet etc in the past. I tried the same simple setup with the GT router and the XT8 mesh, but I can't get it to work on the same IP range.

Working configuration:

GT-AC5300 connected to Router - IP,  255 mask

XT8 mesh connected to GT-AC5300 by cable - IP, 255 mask (WAN IP, unsure how this works). DHCP enabled etc.

Above works great, I have 2 separate networks in my house, both running fine.


What I would like, is to have a single network with, preferably, a single IP range. To do this I simply attempted to configure the XT8. I turned off DCHP and set the static IP to with a 255 mask. Upon hitting apply I got a conflict error. I switched off the WAN so that I would be allowed to set the IP etc then switched it back on. Again I got a conflict.

In the past this has worked for me without any issue. Have I missed something obvious? I also attempted with a 254 mask to cover both ranges but this gave a conflict error also.


Level 7

Solved it. While typing I was thinking about what port I had plugged into on the primary XT8 router.... it was the WAN port.