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WTFast and router support

Level 8

Good morning everyone (it's morning here in Italy). I can't figure out which router supports WTFast from this list:

Thanks in advance to everyone. 🙂




Level 15

Looks like a majority do, these do not:





I have checked the Technical Specifications on most of those, hopefully I did not miss something…

Thanks for replying but I have strong doubts whether there is real direct support (login inside the router).


When you click, you are direct to:


I see.  Yes it appears to be some sort of 3rd party service, that is free for a subset of games, but only for 1 hour per day.

It would be nice if they could somehow factor that into the router price like they do AiProtection.

Current pricing (USD) for a single device: $9.99/mo, $26.99/3 mo, $99.99/yr.

I don’t play games and my son is now too busy to play.  I don’t know much about this service I’m afraid…

FAQ or Vai, or both?  Vai is supposed to go to login/account creation page?

Sorry, but what is it VAI?


You posted a screenshot.  Everything on that router Web GUI page is in Italian.  Italian Vai is Go in English.  I had to look it up.

This is the English instructions on how to set it up.  I set up an account just now through the Go link on my AXE16000:

How to set up using an ASUS Router special subscription offer for WTFast®? | Official Support | ASUS...

I believe the next step is to download the WTFast app onto your PC, etc.  You are limited to use it on one device for 1 hour each day, based on Pacific Standard Time, if I understand correctly...

EDIT-  Found this.  I hope it helps:

Level 15

These two are not released yet that I am aware, at least not here in the United States:


GT-BE98 Pro