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Will it work? ASUS Rapture GT 6 with 5G Modem

Level 8

Hey guys, I have an Rapture GT 6 Mesh setup and the DUAL WAN feature works fine with my Samsung Galaxy S20FE sharing its 5G internet connection with the USB-Port of the Rapture GT 6 (the one in router mode). Will it also work if I put a ZTE MU5001 5G-Router on the USB-Port? 


Level 15

ZTE MU5001 has an RJ-45 port.  Why not connect it to WAN port?

Because the WAN-Port is occupied with the DSL modem. 

Ahh sorry I didn’t know.  I have seen members here use USB to Ethernet adapter then connect modem/ONT on other model ASUS routers but not the GT6 specifically.  I suspect it should work.  Do you have a cell phone to try to tether?  If that works then the ZTE should work also…

Yes, I tried with a cell phone and it worked; however, the setup menus indicate that any Android phone would work, but with regard to Modems, there is an list that explicitly mentions supported models (all 3G and 4G) so I am wondering if a 5G modem would work. 

Hopefully someone with a GT6 can chime in.  I had my 5G cell phone tethered to an AXE16000 for a while, but this is obviously not a GT6.  (It is now tethered to a GT-BE98 Pro so past tense)…

Did you connet it to the AXE16000 via USB or the WAN-Port?

USB, it provides power to the phones as well…

WAN is connected to Cable Modem (RJ-45 - RJ-45 aka Ethernet). I used a USB-A to USB-C charging cable to connect the REVVL V+ 5G to the USB 3.1 port on the AXE16000.  (Works with USB-A to Lightning Apple iPhone tethering as well)…