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Wifi Speed from 3 node GT6 setup

Level 7

Hi! First post so please go easy. Maybe my expectations are too high or the speed is slow so just checking on others thoughts.
I have a 3 node GT6 setup, 1 is the primary router with 2 nodes over the 2nd 5ghz wifi backhaul.
I have a 900mb fibre connection via Vodaphone (Openreach) speedtest on the router always provides 900-930Mbps
1st node is connected according to the GUI with a  TX 2594mbps and RX 1441mbps PHY Rate.
2nd node is connected according to the GUI with a  TX 1020 mbps and RX 972mbps PHY Rate.

Now the wifi speed I expect should be close to the 900mb but tested various devices with metres of the primary node and only get 500mb tops. At the far node (2nd) I get 300mb tops from 2 wired connections. Devices tested are PS5, MacStudio, various iphones all capable of high speed connections.

 I notice memory on the unit is constantly at 80% usage. Is this normal?
Any ideas or tips on settings to change please ??


Level 14

Is QoS ON?  If so please try disabling it, and recheck.

I suspect the PHY rate on node 1 should be more even than 2600 up / 1400 down.  I’m assuming there is no hope that you can somehow wire (Ethernet backhaul) the nodes together to the router?

Any USB devices connected?  They seem to hog up memory.  You can temporarily disconnect and see if memory use goes down, but 80% from personal experience will not harm performance.  I’ve seen above 95%, which does appear to hamper performance.

Thanks QoS was on I have turned it off, but have tried this previously with no luck. To update it’s roughly the same.
Ethernet is a no, not without a lot of faffing around and breaking walls, etc.

Node 1 is the first of the 2 nodes, so not the main router. The main router doesn’t show the PHY connection like the two nodes do.

I just don’t understand the lack of speed even from the main router when connected on wifi to that. I might have to raise a support case or send then whole thing back.

We have similar fiber here now, previously on cable modem/COAX.  Do they provide you with a gateway/router?  (We are forced to use the gateway provided by AT&T).  I don’t know much so I was Google searching what Vodafone/Openreach provides…

EDIT- I believe there's a way to optimize node distance from each other?  And hopefully they aren't just simply too far away from each other?  It may be prudent to call ASUS to see if the speeds/PHY you are reporting are reasonable.

When I work on something like this, I like to find the best possible speeds I can get.  To do that, both nodes need to be in close proximity to the primary router.

Once that is known, and both nodes should be similar, move them around.  Put them where you want and check, and then swap the nodes and see if you get the same results from each node after they are flipped.

The higher frequency radios do have more of a problem penetrating walls so the results you see may be normal.  A small change in either position or placement of the Nodes, may help some.


Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Yeah that is a good point to try them all in the same location first. I’ll do that next time a set one up.
Since posting I realised that I had an ethernet hooked up to a TV in the room where the first mesh point was going, to be clear not the main router. So now I have Router to Node 1 with eth backhaul and then Node 1 to Node 2 on the 2nd 5ghz wifi backhaul.

This has improve things to the point that i’m not tearing my hair out anymore and is good enough. I have to say though I’d be pretty disappointed if I hadn’t been able to do that. A lot of money for not a lot of gain. But i’m happy for now. Cheers!

Level 7

So I have decided to try and run an ethernet to the 2nd node as well now so the main router and 2nds node are all on Ethernet backhaul.

One problem I still have is lagging on a PS5 that is wired to the 3rd node. I have NAT2 on that PS5 and wondering about open nat but from what I have read this will really make no difference.

Any other recommendations to get rid of this pesky lag!

There’s newish BIOS available are you updated:

(I hope I have the correct country/region I heard that is sometimes important).  For my BE98 Pro I schedule a reboot every morning at 3:30 am which seems to help…