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WiFi Binding Doesn't Work I'm Afraid, and in a Bad Way

Level 11
I've built a pretty substantial ASUS AiMesh. It is set to automatically update at 2 am daily. Router* and nodes: AXE16000* (den), AXE11000, RT-AX86U, RP-AX56 (living room), RT-AC68U.

I have two Feit Electric smart light dimmers connected. One is is in the same room as the AXE16000 (den) and gets good signal to the network. The other is in the (living room), which has the RP-AX56 connected to a wall outlet. The dimmer in the (living room) I found connected to the (den), so the WiFi signal icon shows 1 bar signal strength. When I select the device on the Android app I can see it say "Weak". Fine, so I try to "optimize" and it keeps reconnecting to the (den). I try binding and although it is bound it still reconnects to the (den). I one day happily found it connected to the RP-AX56, (now with 2 bar signal strength on the icon). Great, let me try binding it now that it is connected with better signal to the (living room). To my dismay it says the same warning that the signal is weak, gives the choice to continue or cancel (or more info). That's okay I know it is better than the (den). I select continue to bind to (living room). When it (re)connects it reconnects to the (den) at 1 bar signal even though it would have gotten 2 bar signal with the (living room). I've now made things worse as it moved from 2 bar signal to 1 bar signal. I unbind it...

Pretty frustrating I'm afraid...