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Where to purchase ROG Rapture GT-BE98 Pro

Level 9

Hi all,

I am getting ready to purchase the Rapture GT-BE98 Pro within the next month, and I am wondering am I better buying it direct from ASUS or BH Photo or somewhere the community would recommend. Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you all.


I did not have any WiFi 7 device when I set it up.  (I used the ASUS Router app).  I also highly doubt that it's required to have 10 G Ethernet as well.  Some have posted issues with WAN connection to the 10 G WAN port on the router, but hopefully the latest firmware cleared any possibility of that.  (I did not have WAN connection issues beyond the first night of set up, when I realized the Advanced Setup option worked fine in detecting the WAN line).

Level 8

I'm planning to buy the Rapture GT-BE98 Pro soon. Any recommendations on where to purchase it? I've heard good things about both ASUS direct and BH Photo, but I'd love to hear from the community about their experiences with different retailers. Thanks in advance for any advice!

I usually pick whichever gives a better deal/lowest price.  (I believe once I got a free mouse with router from B&H).  Then I'd pick B&H because they include fast 2-day shipping all the way to me in California for free.  Third priority is return/exchange policy if I'm debating say Best Buy or Micro Center.

Level 9

Thank you they wrote the manual so it seems like you need that criteria. I also like how they describe setup
step 1 plug in the router to an outlet.
Step 2 connect your computer to a lan port on the router.
Step 3 use the Asus setup that comes up on their web page.

The only issue I see there is they never said to connect your internet to one of the wan ports. I assume that is part of step 1 now.😀

I guess that should be modem/ONT outlet...  😬

You may find one store has it in stock while others don't and may want to buy it from whomever has one when you're ready.

We don't really game here much and I have my eyes on a ZenWiFi BQ16 Pro to possibly replace my RT-AC68U.  It hopefully fits nicely perched on a window sill where the RT-AC68U is Velcro'd/secured.

Level 9

Thank you everyone for your help. I did order it from Best Buy today will have it early next week and expect I will be here with a lot more questions.

I think you are right it should have a step to plug into the modem or ONT. I may be looking at another router in the future to set up some AI Mesh, but I will worry about it then and ask for suggestions for a good add on.

Thank you again everyone.

Level 8