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What would be considered the GT-AC5300 successor?

Level 7
Only 4 ports in the GT-AX11000 doesn't seem like it is it.

I love the 8 Ports. The only newish one I see that has 8 ports is the with the new Wifi6 is RT-AX89X

Level 7
Anything would be a suitable successor this POS router.

Cybro wrote:
Anything would be a suitable successor this POS router.

It has been fine until these last round of firmware updates.

wifi drops, AiMesh stability issues, noticed my ps5 (wired) drops connection a couple times after start up.

setup a spare router AC68U as an AP
Moved 2.4ghz to spare router to feed into the network, no drops from clients
moved ps5 to spare router (wired) so far no drops

Would like something that is 8 ports but the selection is pretty limited

I own a GT-AC5300 and wanted to replace it with an RT-AX89X.

I purchased one after checking a lot of reviews and most specifically one of them where the guy said that VPN fusion was available on it (he had contacted someone from ASUS who confirmed the website is wrong when it says it's not).

I can tell that VPN fusion doesn't seem to be supported from the web interface point of view. You can configure VPN connections but NOT assign them to specific nodes in your network.

I need that feature and and now wondering... Can ASUS bring that through a firmware update (I'm sure they can) and will they ?

Purchasing a premium router without VPN fusion kinda sucks... and ASUS doesn't offer any Wifi 6 routers that supports BOTH 8 LAN ports AND VPN fusion.

I don't mind paying good money to get one but it seems like they still haven't made one.

Why the downgrade from 8 LAN ports to 4 on the upgraded version of my dear GT-AC5300 ???

I'm back to square one where I have to send back my new router and reconfigure my network with my old GT-AC5300.

Not really happy about the situation (I should have been more careful and triple check things myself for the fusion support).

VPN fusion seems to be specific to ROG GT-xxx routers, (gaming routers). The 8 port routers have 1 G ports. Why not get something faster like 2.5 G and get a matching 2.5 G unmanaged switch?