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Wake on Lan on Asus Routers or Router App only manual ?

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Hi Guys,

Is the following possible via the Router App  ? Automatic WOL ?

Could someone confirm for me if the Wake On Lan feature in Asus routers is only manual, i.e the router cannot  send the packet automatically, say after powerfailure ? What a shame ..

Or do these router some kind of web service that can do automatic WOL ?

The setting is in Network Tools, in the router admin .

Here is the realted support article ... [Wireless Router] How to set up Wake on LAN(WOL)? | Official Support | ASUS USA 



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Sorry cant edit to fix my typos.


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There are cases (that I can think of) where after a power outage I would not want my devices to automatically turn on upon restoration, for example power is restored but not yet stable, or everyone powering up at the same time overloads the grid.

While I never tried the WOL feature, searching at least on Windows it appears to be a BIOS setting?  That you can have the PC turn on upon power restoration?  (Is this what you hope to accomplish)?

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Funny there is no router on the market that can do WOL automatically ? WHAT DO YOU THINK I WANT TO DO , AFTER POWEROUTAGE ? Resume from hibernate. That is right I dont use the limited bios setting "Last Power State" because it only applies to POWEROFFED device. A hibernated device will not auto power on power restoration . I use hibernation I dont use powerdown 

So my BIOS cant resume .. what  is available. WOL Magic Packet. A hibernated device can be awaken by the Magic Packet from a WOL server or app. But I don't want to put extra computers at home just for WOL. I want the router to send the Magic Packet...

Now it is obvious WOL  in ASUS is done by clicking  manualy. Sure great option. But I want AUTOMATIC auto resume ... not manual. 

Asus, can you update the BIOS to add automatic resume from hibernate on power restore ?

Or is there such thing in the google/apple apps ?

For now it seems the only solution is to have a secondary dumb device that autopowers on power restore, then auto loads a script which will send the Magic Packet and resume my hibernated device..



There’s a future router feature suggestion thread:

I would suggest be as clear as possible on what exactly it is you want it to do, because not all ASUS employees are English native speakers.  (I am a native English speaker, but am afraid I clearly didn’t understand)…

Thanks I did.

Does someone have to Router App from Asus in Google/Apple device ? 

Can someone confirm if the app can only do manual Wake On Lan, .. i.e no automatic option ?

I have both Android and iOS apps.  I went to check the available functionality on both.  ASUSwrt provides all the available features and the apps just provide a subset it appears.  (I did not manually count but seems like a lot more settings are available on the web GUI).

Since I have nothing on my list I tried to add a MacBook (on the iOS version), and tried to add a Laptop PC on the Android version.  I’m afraid after adding on both versions the list was still blank, so I could not go beyond that as of now.  Somehow the function is not working on the apps.  (Conversely I am not able to use the firmware update button on ASUSwrt, it always fails to connect to the ASUS servers.  But I am able to check for BIOS updates on both apps.  Sometimes the app compensates for deficiencies in the ASUSwrt, and sometimes the opposite I guess.)