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Wake on LAN for AX89X

Level 7
Had a previous mesh network with a backbone of RT-AC88U's. WOL worked great for all computers in my network. Changed to a new mesh server (AX89X) and 2 nodes (AX88U) and WOL no longer works. Using TeamViewer I am able to awaken the network computers so the magic packet appears to be passed by the AX88U's but not when originating from the AX89X. WireShark did not show the magic packet arriving at a client when originating from the AX89X, though. I am running the current 23012 firmware. Asus tech support has been giving me the run-around for 3 weeks now with no offered solutions. Any ideas would really be appreciated! Thanks!


Level 8
I think ax89x doesn't support that feature.

Being an awesome router it lacks a lot of features. No aimesh 2.0, no 2.5g
b wan, it's kind of disappointing you know