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VPN Fusion ExpressVPN and DNS Leak

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I use VPN FUSION with ExpressVPN. How to configure the router to not have DNS LEAK ?
At this moment , i use Google DNS.

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I did a chat session with expressVPN to ask the same question and it turns out you can only get access to their DNS servers using the expressVPN software like their PC client. This is different than other providers like NORD which tell you which NORD DNS to use. I doubt that ASUS would implement a version of expressVPN software client in their firmware to get full functionality. I have resorted to using the PC software for exVPN use rather than the AC5300 VPN Fusion which is not the most convenient and defeats my reason for buying the AC5300 in the first place.

It would be cool if you could specify DNS servers for each VPN Fusion provider while retaining your main ISP DNS.

I'm experiencing the same issue right now, but with iVPN.

ExpressVPN's dns leak test has a deceiving nature results for the return. I would use a site like etc. its honest and straight forward. I have no leaks and will show you what a return looks like from Express and an honest return.

ExpressVPN: Express IMO makes it look like your failing with the wording and all the !!!!!!!!!! But only one IP address is being stated and its just the VPN address, so DUH lol

74756 Same results from here but simple and to the point and no BS.


Chances are your not leaking and should not worry. Only worry if you are using a shady VPN service.

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Just sharing that Fusion is working for me again with no more dropped internet. (Stopped working after a firmware update). I have seen a few comments regarding rolling back the firmware as a fix, but what worked was someone else suggestion of deleting all the connection profiles and exception rules then adding them back again. Everything is behaving as it should with the latest firmware...knock on wood.
Hopefully the next update doesn't break it again. ASUS support suggested I RMA the router too, glad I ignored that advice.

Level 14
Switch to a different VPN.
Ideally to a VPN which operates within your own country but is based elsewhere, just another layer of legal costs/barriers/delays to anyone who wants to probe into or buy your info. And preferably a VPN (unlike ExpressVPN) which does NOT keep logs.

Configure your own DNS.
Even something like is better than Google or Apple or Microsoft, if for no other reason than they don't sell to (or run) as many advertisers.
In fact, use different DNS settings on each connected device and each separate user just to make it that much harder for any single DNS provider to correlate data about you (or for such data to be as complete and useful to those who buy or steal it from them). You can even randomize it from time to time just to keep "the full picture" incomplete and scattered around as many competing sources as possible instead of putting it all together in one place.

Always use independent sites/tools (like to test your security, to confirm (or disprove) the results of tests the people who make money off you want you to run. Results should speak for themselves, not let marketing folks speak for them.
"All opinions are not equal. Some are a very great deal more robust, sophisticated and well supported in logic and argument than others." - Douglas Adams


Level 7
titi71 wrote:

I use VPN FUSION with ExpressVPN. How to configure the router to not have DNS LEAK ?
At this moment , i use Google DNS.

Hay, I am Mark from Reviewsed, We have just reviewed ExpressVPN, We have tested ExpressVPN via many tools either it is leaking DNS or not, But we got an excellent response with every device, So not to worry about DNS LEAK and you can watch youtube to get your task done.

These all DNS checking tools shows kind of different results, IVPN and PureVPN tools seems legit to me:

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