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Using RoG GT6 as Access Points

Level 7

I have had an Asus GTAXE11000 for about a year now. Works amazingly.  I am fixing to expand our living arrangements. So i ordered a pair of RoG GT6's to use as access points.  I power them up. Use the app to set them up, i did it wirelessly and then tried with an ethernet cord, then move them to opposite ends of the house and they inevitably disconnect or go offline. While connected i try to bind a device(like my phone) to a certain access point but it always says the connection is weak. Any suggestions? 


Level 14

Did you resolve the GT6 disconnecting from the AXE11000?  Did you have issue adding as an AiMesh node?

Sometimes it is not accurate just select “Yes” and hopefully it will move connection to the AP.

Level 13

When you move them to the "end of the house", are they disconnecting due to distance from the primary router?  

You are or are not using ethernet backhaul?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Distance is 20-25 feet maybe. And currently not etgernet backhauled