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USB Port GT-AX11000 ???

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Hey all! Hope people will see and comment on this thread. Not sure how active this forum is vs maybe another networking-only type forum is, but here goes!

I have the ASUS ROG GT-AX11000 router and it's worked fine for the last 1yr+. I have a 1200mbps down & 40mbps up internet plan from Xfinity. I spent way too much time and energy of my life trying to get those speeds to my desktop PC through the GT-AX11000. I now finally receive the hardware limitations of the device and how I'll never be able to achieve those speeds without more than just the one single 2.5g port on my ASUS router. Meaning, I can plug the ethernet (CAT8) from the modem's 2.5g port into the 2.5g port on the AX11000 just fine, but then all other ports henceforth are capped at 1g. I'm actually considering selling this router as it's mostly useless to me in that regard - I can't access the full speeds I'm paying for, so it's a waste. I've been eyeing the "lower" model new AX6000 as I've heard great things AND it has more than one 2.5g port. I'm 99% sure that'll allow me to get what I pay for. Alas, I want to try one last thing... the USB port!

In fact, ASUS makes this USB-to-Ethernet adapter:

I might be the only person in the world to be curious about this or try it, but what if I keep that same config I just laid out, except instead of using one of the 1g capped ethernet ports on the router to my desktop PC's 2.5g ethernet onboard port, I try using the USB 3.0 port on the AX11000 as an OUT and then plug the USB-Ethernet adapter there, THEN run that ethernet cable to my 2.5 Realtek onboard port on my ASUS Crosshair VIII motherboard?

It's a lot cheaper than a new router (i.e. AX6000), so I might give it a whirl just to see. But curious if anyone's tried it or thinks it technically could be achievable or if there's some limitation or inability I'm overlooking...

Hey, glad the USB adapter worked! Yes I suspect your latency is due to the USB overhead. The CPUs in these low powered devices won't work quite as well as a desktop with a USB adapter.

I've heard good things about the Dream Machine and separating the AP(s) gives you far more flexibility and future proofing. If you want to dabble with other platforms I know PFsense/OPNsense and also Mikrotik RouterOS can be run virtually.
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dubbel wan...ik draai 2 gig internet xgs-gpon werkt als een trein

goede instelling maken in je modem 8 in 8 in 10gb aansluiting