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Trivial issue with GT-AXE16000 running

Level 7
Since updating my netowrk to the latest firmware, my client list and count is "stuck". Everything else seems to be working great, it's only the device connections being reported that isn't working properly. When I export the list, it's identical every time. Devices that haven't been connected in over a week are still listed as connected and no new deviced are being added. Wired and Wifi regaurdless of the node. Anyone else seeing this?

Routers / AiMesh Nodes:

  • GT-AXE16000 (Currently running as the primary router)
  • GT-AX11000
  • ASUS RT-AX89X AX6000 (Mesh)
  • 4X ZenWiFi AX XT8 AX6600 (Mesh)
  • RT-AX58U (Mesh)
  • RT-AC5300 (Mesh)

@Saltgrass thanks for your reply.

Is your GT-AXE16000 running on firmware 22237-g9120e16 ?

Does it work ok?


Level 13
I have run for a while and I was getting dropped nodes as mentioned in another thread.

I updated to yesterday after rebooting the RT-AX86U so it relinked (via 2.5 G ethernet) as an AiMesh node.

If you are happy with how it is performing then I do not recommend updating it to be honest...

Level 7

I am having the same exact issue - the client list and count never changes.  Anyone figure out how to fix this?  I am on the latest firmware.


I have a decent amount of nodes but not as many as the OP.  I see an issue with the device listing on Apple iOS (16.6) ASUS Router app running on an iPhone X.  I do not readily see the same issue on Android app nor on ASUSwrt (WebGUI).  It helped me (I believe) to flash the 3/21 beta firmware and then flash back to (which is the current latest).