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traffic analyzer not showing per app/ program usage after update

Level 7
Hi!, i cant no longer see per app usage on Traffic analyzer after the update in the title. It shoed perfectly before.

No of my devices uses vpn.

Its the same on whatever device i click on.

See atached image

my router is asus gt-ac5300

Level 7
same on mine no data on traffic analyzer statistics

Mine too. I see only the total use graph for devices and for applications. I see nothing for individual devices and applications. Need this now with back to school being virtual and work from home

Level 7
Same here. No Traffic Analyzer usage data displayed for the past month. My GT-AX11000 router and all of he AI Mesh units are at the latest firmware levels.

I've been struggling with that little annoyance for a while now. Not sure if this might work in all cases, but this worked for me.
- Downgraded my GT-AX11000 firmware to
- Turned off the Traffic Analyzer
- Waited a couple of minutes
- Turned the Traffic Analyzer back on
- Am now seeing network / internet traffic information

After updating my GT-AX11000 to the latest firmware, the traffic analyzer is broken again.
Based on my experience the latest update "" has an adverse effect on the traffic analyzer function....

Level 7

Using ASUS RT-AC86U with firmware version in May 2023
and seeing the same issue.

Under "Traffic Analyser" "Statistic" it is showing "No client" "No Traffic".

This only started happening recently. Previously, it was providing very useful traffic analysis.

"Traffic Analyser" / "Statistic" screenshot:

Curiously, under the "Traffic Monitor" tab, it is showing a graph of overall traffic activity (download/upload).

"Traffic Monitor" screenshot: