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Torrent speed slows when using router

Level 8

When connected directly to the PC without going through a router, the torrent download speed was fast.

I have an AC2900 and when I connect this router to download torrents, the speed slows down significantly.

First of all, the important information is ‘same file’ + ‘same time’ + ‘same number of distributors’.

I already know that the download speed of a torrent is affected by the number of distributors and their internet conditions. The point of this question is to question the seriously reduced speed even considering such conditions.

The router's CPU usage is virtually non-existent, and the RAM usage is only about half.

When I searched the web, it said that I could turn on NAT acceleration, but there is no NAT acceleration on the AC2900's settings page. I don't know what settings to adjust.

Please help me.


Level 15

QoS ON or OFF can affect your download speed.  PC is wired to the router vs modem?  USB 3.x can cause interference on 2.4 GHz WiFi.

An AC router is WiFi 5, and WiFi 7 is current.  (I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what is going on.  'Same time' I assume means same time of day?  Well Wed night is not going to be as busy as Sat night possibly as it is weekday vs weekend?

QOS is OFF.  'Same time' means when I check the download speed of a torrent file while not connected to the router, pause, and then resume after connecting to the router. The PC and router are connected wired, not wireless.


I don't think the 'pause and resume' time for the router connection will affect download speeds. This is because the seed number of the torrent file downloaded for this test exceeds 1000.

Ahh.  Try to find the "Switch Control" settings, and see if you can enable Jumbo packets.  (I've recommended this before and someone came back with no improvement or worse performance, but I'm crossing my fingers).

It may also have something to do with MTU setting, but to be honest beyond 1500 +/- the overhead I don't know much beyond mentioning it.

Thanks for your reply. If jumbo packet means jumbo frame, I tested it. There seems to be no significant difference.

I guess I'll have to format the system, reset the router settings, and test again from the beginning. If the issue is not resolved after that, we will visit the forum again. Thank you for your time.