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The new firmware version of ASUS GT-BE98

Level 8

There are a lot of new things in the


Level 8

thanks! looks like time scheduling is now fixed! wohoo!!!

MLO is enabled but i  dont know if s24 ultra even support it yet fully 
some times router droping the connection to 5GHZ or to 100 mbs speeds or even drops the wifi for few seconts
connected to mlo with combinated wifi

Level 9

Is the ASUS GT-BE98 Pro no longer supported? It hasn't gotten an update since the first release last November while the non-pro version has now had 4 updates. Doesn't seem right to pay a premium price for a router that's getting less support than the cheaper version.

Level 9

I have the following problem since this software release (with and without MLO active):

I have Smart Connect with WPA2+WPA3 active and the same ssid on all four (2.4G, 5G1, 5G2, 6G). After router restart, some clients, especially the ones with 6G support, cannot connect to router. They are reporting "invalid password". Others / olders and LAN are working. After reconfigure something which results in wifi restart, everything is working till next restart of router was performed. P.e. I had the automatic restart configured for tonight and this morning it was the same until i changed something in settings few minutes ago, then wifi was restarting and now it looks like it is working again. Any ideas what to check?

The problems do seem to be related to MLO. I have now deactivated it and also deactivated the guest network designated as "Legacy". Since restarting the entire router, the Wi-Fi connection has been very stable again for days now, including on all smartphones. That's why I'm going to do without MLO for the time being, as long as even the top modern smartphones can't cope with it. I don't want to deprive them of the 6GHz network, which is why I don't connect them to the "legacy" network.

Check if WiFi 7 is Enabled, check on each band under Professional.  This enables 320 MHz bandwidth on 6 GHz, but also switches AES to AES+GCMP256.  That is new with WiFi 7 and appears to kick out 6E devices.  Disable WiFi 7 and AES returns.

Similar to AXE routers PSC (Preferred Scanning Channels) checkbox checked seems to help.

OFDMA/802.11ax MU-MIMO can be re-enabled with BE routers but you can adjust that setting to see.  With AXE routers this also helped with 6 GHz band connection (completely Disabled).

Wifi 7 is active for each band (checked under professional). The 6GHz band is using also 320 MHz bandwith and the encryption is AES+GCMP256. Additional settings are for each band as on the screenshot:

Screenshot_20240505_212211_Samsung Internet.png

 Smart Connect is active as well and works perfect. The only thing I deactivated is the MLO switch and its Legacy network (see Guest Network Pro).

When I reactivate MLO, all Samsung devices which are supporting Wifi 6 and higher are faced with the issue, that they report "incorrect passwort". Raspberry Pi 4 is also having problems, as well as some other devices. But my HP printer or the Sony Android TV are not having problems.


Due to the fact that I do not have a real Wifi 7 device, I can live for now without MLO.

When you say "Legacy" network, are you referring to the IoT network created to connect with WPA2 only devices?

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Yes: in the screenshot the last one.

Due to the fact that it is different from a normal IoT one (second line), i'm calling it "Legacy" as it is displayed by the android app.

Screenshot_20240505_230320_ASUS Router.png