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The long-awaited firmware for Asus GT-BE98 Pro

Level 8

Level 7

Currently using a GT-BE98 pro as my router. I have 3 other routers hooked up in a mesh system, a GT-AC2900 in the living room, the GT-BE98 in the master bedroom (the main router), and two Asus Zenwifi XT9 mesh routers (both in spare bedrooms on opposite sides of the house. everything is stable, using 5Ghz on the backend. I initially had major issues with keeping a stable mesh connection (figured out that DFS channel auto scanning was screwing stuff out, chose manual channels.) but so far, I like it.

correction, the GT-BE98 pro has an ethernet connection to one of the Zenwifi XT9s. but yes, all firmware is updated to the most recent version, and it's smooth sailing with roughly 6 active ethernet connections across all routers, and roughly a dozen active wifi connections, with all of the wifi 7 bells and whistles, no problem. Im a happy customer.

I am now guessing that my issue, AXE16000 6 GHz stuck broadcasting SSID_dwb, all wired Ethernet Backhaul with Ethernet Backhaul Mode toggled ON, may have something to do with my BE98 Pro being in Access Point mode.  Hmmm.

It's not looking promising that I will be switching to router mode and produce a double NAT.  (I just ordered a XPON ONT with MAC and should be able to bypass the AT&T residential gateway), but would be forced to use a TP-Link Deco BE95 as router because it has the necessary SFP port.

I'll have to try again and update.  Right now I have two AiMeshes (in AP mode with AiMesh):  BE98 Pro- RT-AC68U and RP-AX58;  AXE16000- RT-AX86U and RP-AX56.

I got some tinkering to do...

Try my method and see if it will resolve the _dwb for you. Setup your main AP(BE98 Pro) and enable Ethernet Backhaul, confirmed the SSID flash popup. Then add your AiMesh after fully setting up the main AP. This has worked for me in regards to the ability to have all radios broadcasting for data traffic and not reserve for wireless backhaul.

Thanks you.  It appears re-adding the GT-AXE16000 as node after setting up MLO has indeed removed the "_dwb" from my the AXE16000's 6 GHz channel.  I am running a single AiMesh again.