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Slow, Unstable WiFi on GT-AX11000

Level 7

I have an AI mesh setup that's based on the #GT-AX11000 with a 5700 and two #ZenWifi nodes. Running a speed test from the ASUS interface I get 700mbps or so, but any of my WiFi connected devices are lucky to see 100mbps. I've turned QoS off but see no improvement.

Any suggestions?


Level 7

Is AiMesh nodes connected with GT-AX11000 by WiFi ?

What is the quality of node connections with GT-AX11000 ?

Yes, it's using 5G-2 as the wireless backhaul and the connections on the mesh status page all show green.


I would go wired back haul but two of the nodes are in spaces where I can't get Ethernet. 

Wire the one that you can.  Also consider switching nodes to Access Point mode.  AiMesh I believe forces all nodes (including main router) to the same channel and bandwidth so devices can hop from node to node.  So your weakest node limits the available bandwidth.  And if it has to split a band for backhaul that just makes things worse...

I don't believe that I can way some, and leave others wireless. The interface seems somewhat clear that it's one way or the other, and when I did try to wire 2 of the nodes together, leaving 2 on the 5ghz backhaul it crashed the entire thing.

The GT-AX11000 is currently operating in Wireless Router mode / AiMesh Router mode (Default). I can try swapping to Access Point(AP) mode / AiMesh Router in AP mode tomorrow to see if there's any change, but the only change I anticipate is a flattening of the IP scheme as the AX11000 stops serving DHCP and instead routes my other DHCP services to wireless clients.

It is supposed to work with mixed backhaul, and here's a reference on how ASUS "wants" it set up, under Advanced setup Case 2:


Level 7

I can confirm similar problems with WiFi performance when using latest firmware I just went back to the previous one ( and everything is fast again. The problem seems to be in the channel width, maximum what router is able to negotiate on 5G-2 is 20Mhz (80Mhz on previous firmware).

Sorry, thats on GT-AX11000 PRO, but it may be a similar issue...