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Settings to correctly configure gt-ax11000 for gaming after factory reset?

Level 7

So in the process of trying to identify random disconnects while having games going for days on end, and to be safe i'm wanting to complete factory reset my router.  
  After doing so, could anyone tell me what i would then change/adjust to correctly set it up so that it has no risk of it causing disconnects during long gaming sessions?   That way i can at least rule it out as a reason.   I would want it to be priority over any other connection, and this is all meant for hardwired directly into my PC.  
  That way i can only change those particular settings, and leave everything else. 


Level 10

I don't think that will fix your disconnects,a lot of us seemed to suffer the same.

My fix was to use a beta FW for others was to just use a different FW.

Which FW are you running and what others have you tried?

Level 14

I went to the ASUS BIOS page for that router.  The latest firmware is  In the description it notes on one of the items:

-Fixed memory leak issue.

I’d make sure you are on that, (currently the latest,) firmware, prior to your reset.

For some strange reason unbeknownst to me QoS was turned on on my router.  This capped my speed testing.  Turning it off seems to have improved speed test results significantly, (hardwired PC).  I honestly don’t know how it may affect the others in the household as they aren’t the type to complain.

It seems to me that ASUS tests/validates the routers most comprehensively with default settings, so you’re probably correct not to touch much, if anything at all.  I do like smart connect personally.  Maybe verify that auto firmware updating is turned off.  (I believe this is off by default).

EDIT-  I rebooted my router in the last few days.  Seems to have fixed my connectivity issues.  (I lost Alexa control of a Feit smart light switch which are usually very stable).  I was curious as to the memory usage as my setup (I am told) is quite significant,  99% of 2 GB which equates to 1.97 GB, screenshot provided from ASUS router app.

I suggest on your off times to check for BIOS updates regularly, (hard reset after any updates), and just reboot it when you take a break/have time.

I was a CECS student for  3 years in college: 1 How do you guarantee no memory leaks?  2 If the routers happily use up to 99% of available memory, you aren’t leaving much margin of error if there is a memory leak.  Only way to guarantee freeing up the memory is by rebooting.

Level 7

Sounds more like a service connection issue what do have please not DSL cause that’s is for sure why or 5g would be same unless you open up that router and add 4x4 usually antennas like on you roof and directed at the best tower available other wise get one solid copper wire or the totally unneeded and  might end up causing more problems and stupidity with fiber optics and all its great and abundant ways to transfer the data and don’t forget  to make sure you get wireless cameras for security and never change your router channel either cause fighting everyone else’s WiFi on the same default channels is so fun then people will try to convince you to get mesh routing or even better 1000 WiFi 7 no on can even utilize yet but you’ll have a lot more channels at least and it might even auto change for you but seriously it sounds like you broadband service if it’s cable try changing the coupler the connector used in faceplates usually to connect 2 different cables if u can look thru it and it looks like that one loose chicks for college days it’s no good should be like your prom date tight no gap and if it’s a long copper it will snap thru letting u know it’s only been used by you.