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RT-AX89X consistantly dropping internet since weekend

Level 7
After having no internet this last Sunday, the Cable Modem (N1000) had to be rebooted. At the same time, I rebooted the RT-AX89X. Semed to work fine for a while.

Now my wife is trying to VPN to her work, my son is on his xBox and laptop and they are both complaining about dropping connection.
I went ahead and turned QOS off and that seemed to resolve the issue for them, but I am sure that cannot be the cause.
Bothe my wifes pc and the xbox are connected with cat6e directly and the laptop over Wifi (5GHz)

Anyone else seen random drop with this device or firmware?
I am at the point of doing a full factory reset on it and starting from scratch.
Its also about 2 months old.

Router Spec:
23 devices connected
Ai Protection enabled

5 devices connected with 1Gb copper
1 NAS using Asus 10Gb copper nic
1 switch connected (Netgear SX10 - 10Gb with a further 9 connections)
The rest are on Wifi

Memory is at 57%
CPU usage about 10%

Level 7
So after troubleshooting with support, where they pretty much had me turn off all the readons I got this router (beamforming, smart enable, auto channel, etc), it still doesnt hold a goot wifi signal. I am sitting about 20ft from the router and keep having issue loading simple webpages and when streaming from my Nas, I constantly loose signal.

What would be my next step to get this $450 spider shaped paperweight fixed/replaced. Or, is it just a crappy device with no hope of redemption?

Maybe i should go back to my ac3200 netgear and cisco switches.
It would be misserable to lose my 10GB connectiin to the NAS though.*