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RT-AX88U - MacBook Pro doesn't work with WiFi 6 enabled

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Hi all!

I have a MacBook Pro 2019, Intel i9, sent by my employer. My issue is the wireless connection keeps disconnecting very often when 802.11ax is enables on my Asus Router. The only way I found to have stable connection was to completely disable 802.11AX, aka WiFi 6.

I really would like to have it enabled, as I have a few devices at home compatible with WiFi6, including my smartphones and wife's Dell notebook.

Did anyone face that issue? How did you fix it?


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You need to check the specs on the system.  If it shows what is shown below, it is not Wi-Fi 6 compatible since 802.11ac is only Wi-Fi 5.

I don't have any devices that are strictly Wi-Fi 5, but they should work fine with that router.  That being said, there have been some discussion as to a MacBook Pro possibly being a little different when it comes to Wi-Fi operations.

If your company sent it to you, maybe you could use the problem to get a newer version of the MacBook Pro. 😉



Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Hi @Saltgrass !

Thank you for your reply. After some checks on ally devices, I found my LG laundry machine can't connect either when WiFi 6 is enabled. But I can live without a WiFi laundry machine, lol 

I'm going to open a ticket at ASUS.

Try WPA2/WPA3 Personal please.

Hi @jzchen .

I already tried WPA2/WPA3 Personal, and WPA2 Personal only settings. The problem didn't change.

Also check OFDMA/802.11ax MU-MIMO as it even seemed to cause trouble with 6e devices.  Try fully disabling I would suggest...

Hi @jzchen . It was already disabled. Same issue.

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I had the same issue a few months back and thought of getting a new router but I troubleshooted the router and now my wifi is stable on my macbook and never disconnects. Try updating your mac, deleting your wifi password, re-adding it, also try resetting your router, if that doesn't work then use an external wifi adapter and check. I am sure these troubleshoots will fix your wifi disconnecting problem.

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Hi all,

A complete factory reset on the router fixed the issue. I contacted ASUS support, and after investigating the logs and content I sent them, they found that my router was using a cache for a firmware version different from mine.