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RT-AX88U Connecting our phones to the Wifi with or with out Wifi calling the phone drops calls

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I installed a new RT-AX88U as our main router and it is great,  but, when we use our phones when wifi is on the calls seem to disconnect. Here is some background.

My cell Phone is a Samsung Galaxy s8  and my wife has a Samsung S10e and both of our phones are having the same issue.  We are on Spectrum Mobile (which runs on Verizon)  We are located in the Nashville area.   I will post the issues we are having on both phones, and both phones as you can see are Different models, Different different software and different firmware.  I have updated the router to the latest firmware.  I have spoken at length about our issues.  To make it simple here are some background. 

If we have our cell phones on with out Wifi turned on the phones all is good we can make or received calls with out any issues.  But if I turn on wifi on our phones and make a call or receive a call the phone will answer the pone and almost immediatly drop the call .  If  I can quickly turn the wifi off sometimes I can save the call.   If we are out of the house or on other folks WiFi we have no problem making or receiving calls on other folks routers.  

I am getting tired of forgetting to turn Wifi Off when I get home in the event I want to make or take a call... I know it's just a matter of time first the user can't hear me then, the call just drops.

I have spent much time talking to Spectrum Mobile tech support and all they say it's not their problem and I might want to buy a new phone.. but this is teh only issue the phone has and it is defiantly when the home Wifi is on.. 

Is there anyone else having these issue... and if you had it how do you fix it.... .I don't want to buy new phones at $1000 ea just to use WIFI calling or have the WIFI while talking on the phone... 

I hope to hear from user that have or have had this issue and how to fix it.  Thanks in advance


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on WiFi are you able to open a browser and surf the web?

Thanks for the question.  The best way I can explain it is I can put my phone on wifi I can do everything, Aps, search the web, Every app that I have works just fine.   Then I get a phone call...  sometimes I can pick up the call and it will be fine but then all of a sudden it's like no one is on the other end, just blank and I can see the call is connected then, it just drops the call...   Sometimes I may just try the call back and it is like the phone just hangs with no audio.   If I get a call, notice wifi is on I can go and shut the wifi off.   My wife on her phone has the ability to turn Wifi Calling on S10e,   I do not and Spectrum said my phone does not have call forwarding but can not how to trun it on or off so they just say it's Spectrum that has to turn it on.  My wife has just truned her Wifi off all together unless she wants to use it for the internet or applications.    

I can say we use to be with Verizon and never had an issue, I understand that Spectrum uses the Verizon towers and infrastructure but something is different.  Honestly, we don't go out that much to use other peoples wifi and the idea of a Spectrum hot spot is a joke, they have none in our are .    Like I said, we use 2 different phones the s8 and s10e, both have different firmware for android and the system If both were exacgtly the same I'd look at it differently but 2 different phones all together.  

Now I have to say, I did contact Asus tech support,  we went through every setting on the router and it is screaming fast and solid.   Then the tech said, " we don't know anything about Wifi Calling"  so you need to g back to your provider and talk to them... .I'm thinking, you don't know anything about Wifi calling... are you kidding it's been around for 10 years or more!   At that point I said thanks and thought I"d post here.    Right now I can do everything with the phone on and off Wifi, but getting calls or making calls that is when the issues starts to break down.

Your best bet at this point is to get a friend or family member’s (preferably Android) phone on your WiFi to make a WiFi call.  I do have some issues with Android 12 on a REVVL V+ 5G currently.  Sometimes I would see it says failed to set up/connect WiFi calling.  (It is our only active Android phone in the household), my iPhone X (older) seems to work fine.

EDIT- Different ASUS router…

In all fairness to the ASUS techs if they say they know nothing about WiFi calling it may be because it has nothing to do with WiFi hardware and it’s setup, must be done at a software level that they don’t have to worry about, (meaning likely not responsible for any troubles)…

EDIT-  Yesterday while trying to check if 5 GHz WiFi channels broadcast properly using WiFi Analyzer it bootlooped until it asked me if I wanted to Hard Reset to factory defaults.  Now WiFi calling appears to be working.

Maybe a hard reset is in order on each at this point of their ages..

Thanks again for your input and suggestions but to be clear....I don't care about Wifi Calling at this point I just want to be able to have my wifi on  while I make a phone call.  From what they tell me.. the S8 on Spectrum does not have a switch for Wifi calling, so, up untill 3 weeks ago life was good,  I could sit at home with Wifi on my phone with no issues.  No switch on or off... just had Wifi on.    On my wife's s10e, it does have a switch for Wifi calling (settings, communicatons first choice Wifi,  line down Wifi calling off or on... we have chosen off.

So, assuming Wifi Calling is off or non existent and we have Wifi only on it will drop calls.    If we are at home, turn Wifi off and there is no problem , we can talk all day... again, just strange.   

One last comment,  I took the store to an authorized Samsung Service center and they ran the Samsung test routine and according to the tech it passed every test, no Wifi issues at all and n o other issues at all.   Again, to just have that feather I doubt I'd buy a new phone for that.  By the way neither of our phones are 5g capable, 4lte only   Hopefully that is a little more information. 

You don't mention how you have the Cellular signal configured.  Have you tried turning it off while in-house?  Possibly the two are conflicting.

I have never tried turning on Wi-Fi calling on my iPhone.  I do have Spectrum internet, but not the mobile.

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Maximus,  take a look at my recent reply above, I pretty much layed out our situation a again, it' pretty simply explained.  

I am not sure exactly who you are responding to but this link to Verizon answers some questions.   Maybe something there will help.

I will assume you have actually tried turning off the Cellular network for testing, while at home.

WiFi Calling at Verizon FAQs | Verizon

Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Saltgrass,  I was attempting to give an update and provide a little more information.    

I'll check the Verizon link, but my service is Spectrum not Verizon.